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My Artist Spotlight on Ugallery

I recently joined this excellent art community UGallery and they did a write on me, here is what they had to say and it was so well written I just had to share:

New UGallery Artist: Kat Silver


Which Road to Choose

Although Kat Silver’s surrealist, Dali-esque landscapes often feature figures with missing limbs and exposed human hearts, they are not ominous. On the contrary, they project something whimsical and enticing within their dream-like plots.

They expose the inner conflicts in Kat’s life, which are revealed through the imagery of her dreams and the symbolism encountered in her daily life. These conflicts are universal, demonstrating an obsession with time, choice, and fate. Which path should I choose? When should I pause and reconsider my direction?


Be Still My Heart

The figures are headless because they are not mentally present. Dragged down by the mundane aspects of everyday life that distract us, they are missing the magnificent view in front of them. The image of the rabbit has become an important symbol and signature in Kat’s work. For her, the rabbit represents power and taking control of one’s life. The sweet, confident groups of rabbits surround the lost, faceless characters in her paintings. We may not know where we are going, but we have guides along the way if we look for them.


Baby making & bunny themed art show opening

In honor of the fact the my first child is soon to be born, (due date just a few weeks away!) I decided for the Sept exhibit at Blue Wren studio, that I would devote the

Prolificacy art exhibit

entire theme to baby making and bunnies.  We titled the exhibit “Prolificacy” playing on the idea of bunnies being prolific and procreating often!  The opening was First Friday Sept 7th, and we had a great turn out! Held at Murphy Arts Center building in Fountain Square area-  1043 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203. If you haven’t been to a First Friday at Murphy Arts center yet, make it down there next time because there are always tons of great art exhibits, music and events!

We decided for fun to raffle off an original Kat Johnston mixed media collage, tickets were only $1, and the raffle was a fun, exciting way for First Friday comers to get involved! People really like the idea of winning artwork at the end of the night! The piece we raffled off was called “Gracefulness” (shown right), mixed media collage measuring 6″ by 6″.

I met a lot of really awesome people, my artwork was


received well. Sold a couple small pieces before the evening was over and


several people expressed interest in purchasing work from me through my website or at a later time.  I also received interest not only in my art but in my practice as an energy healer, Reiki practitioner.   I am looking forward to connecting with people and seeing where things go.  This was my 2nd Indy art exhibit, but I hope to do many more. Especially since I have only just moved here from Philly about 7 months ago, there are still so many connections to make and people to meeting Indy’s art community.  I feel very grateful for Blue Wren’s support in having me display my work and for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

Here are some photos from the opening,

if you want to see more – come see my facebook page : 

Also if you are interested in learning more about me and seeing more of my artwork, please visit my main website  All of the work that is currently on display at Blue Wren is up for sale  & on my website you can purchase art using paypal.  I regularly update my site with new artwork, as well as upcoming shows and events!

Fun filled evening at Loads of Fun Station North’s Final Friday of 2011!

Baltimore’s up and coming art mecca, Station North put together a fun filled evening to close out the year 2011. Loads of Fun gallery with it’s current exhibit UFO, 2012 was in it’s full glory! Inside and OUT!! As I walked up to Loads of Fun door, I saw flashing lights and fun painted windows all

Plasticarmy: James Prochnik, Jeff Duka , Tom Dixon

themed for the UFO art show with spaceships and flyer saucers!

Plasticarmy is the art collective who is responsible for organizing and hosting this amazing UFO 2012 exhibit, check out their website at

Tom Dixon's work  For more info about the UFO 2012 exhibit including all the artists who are participating – visit: The show features a wide range of media and styles of work , including drawings, sculptures, Stuffed furry alien creatures, flying objects hanging from ceiling, as well as paintings on canvas.  As a mixed media collage artist,  I had work that addressed

2012 , end of the world, government cover-up.  “In Another Galaxy” was accepted in the show and can be seen at   The energy and movement in the space is quite amazing! Like I said even the outside of Loads of Fun has been overrun with aliens! Definitely a show that can NOT be missed.  This exhibit will be up until Jan 21st, be sure to make an appointment to see it before the UFO’s elude us once more.

Station North Arts Cafe catering! Yum

Station North Arts Cafe catered the event with delicious hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and refreshments. My favorites were the tuna melts and the warm apple cider.

There was a collection of illustration work of the very talented: Joe Zucker in back room- where DJ Just K was spinning, as well as a comedian who performed, Jason Weems.He had the whole room cracking up! What a great

Artist Kat Johnston "In Another Galaxy" (above)

way to end the year! Room filled with laughter and positive feelings for the community, with commitments to making 2012 a GREAT year!  It was a fun filled evening! I always love Station North art district events! If you haven’t been to any of the Final Friday events yet, make that your new years resolution and get yourself down HERE!!!

To see more of Kat Johnston’s mixed media collage, visit my website at

“Fun-a-Day” in Baltimore! A Great way to start your New Year on creative note!!!

I am excited to be a part of small group of people organizing the first ever “Fun-a-Day” here in Baltimore , although “Fun-a-day” has  been around for a number of years, this year marks the 8th annual started by the artclash-  it has spread to other states and other cities! This the 8th   year now!

Other locations include:

Albuquerque, opening Feb. 10th @ The Tan Gallery
Dundee, Scotland
Oakland, Feb. @ Rock Paper Scissors, opening night Feb. 3
Pendleton, OR @ The Pendleton Center for the Arts
Philadelphia, Feb. 10th and 11th @ Studio 34
Portland, OR, Feb. 11th @ St. David of Wales
Portland, ME
San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Cruz, CA, opening Feb. 3 @ Caffe Pergolesi
Tucson, Feb. 8-19 @ Silver Streak Gallery
West Dean, West Sussex, England
Wilmington, DE

But its the first year the Baltimore will have it’s very own “Fun-a-day” art show!
Here’s how you can be a part of it”

1. help spread the word, tell all your friends, anyone who is creative, doesn’t have to be an artist,  writers, musicians, crafters, are all welcomed!

2. join up!  decide what you want to make, (there’s only a week or so before the beginning of the new year) start getting prepared, stock up on supplies or whatever, most importantly- decide- what do you want to make?

3. Jan 1st comes– day 1- time to start being creative, make your first piece, and make the commitment, one per day for whole month! you can do it!!! It’s a great way to start the new year!

Here’s the link to the fb page that will keep you up to date on whereabouts of drop off and the group exhibit in Feb:

ALSO for more info:

Keep check back for updates on the where and when of the group exhibit in Feb! Spaces for the exhibit are being explored!

An afternoon with Ruth Pettus at the Shoe Cafe

Baltimore artist, Ruth Pettus, had an open studio Sunday afternoon (Dec 11th) that I had the pleasure of attending.  She had

Drawings on canvas from Spain & Paris

displayed works on canvas, on paper and of course my favorite part was her shoes!Her paintings she explained were all water based and she enjoyed using organic material such as coffee grounds.  Her work was abstract and minimal but the landscapes, trees, horizons could be seen.  She had raw canvas drawings/ mixed media on the walls, as well as table with piles and trays of works on paper, ink, paint, drawings. More of her work can be seen on her website :

The feel and energy of  the places she had traveled and the many adventures she had been on were definitely portrayed in her work.  I found her use of media and material inspiring. Her mixed media on the raw canvas reminded me of some of my mixed media paintings on fabric, where the texture and colors of the fabric show through.  (“Giddy Up” is a good example) To see the mixed media work I do, visit my website:

Artist: Ruth Pettus (center) with her fans

The shoe cafe located in the basement was magical and intriguing.  Old shoes filled with soil, wax, fur, and other materials.  Men’s shoes, children’s shoes, women’s shoes of all shapes and sizes.  Shelf after shelf I was drawn into what the shoes and their what each one’s story

Baby doll girl's shoe (one of my favs)

was, the journey it had taken, the places it had seen.

They took on a life of their own, bold, worn and beautiful!



Ruth gave me a print out from her exhibit at the Creative Alliance entitled “City Square”.

It is interesting because I have always been a big fan of Giacometti’s work. His depth and human connection that his sculptures tap into.  Suffering and isolation that we humans often experience, we believe we are alone in our pain, but art allows us to communicate our deepest and sometimes darkest parts of ourselves so that we don’t feel so alone or isolated.  We see it is the human universal experience.

Ruth’s open studio was the highlight of my week, refreshing and inspirational! Thanks Ruth for sharing your Shoe Cafe and the other many works on canvas and paper with me! I look forward to seeing more work in future exhibits!

Sculpture Garden workshop & Grass tasting party -oh fun!

I , Kat Johnston, had the pleasure of participating in two very fun, very creative events! First was the Sculpture Garden workshop held at the Baltimore Clayworks, FREE workshop all materials provided, artists were invited to come make LIVE

Sculpture Garden Workshop

sculptures, meaning after being fired these sculptures would live outside in ones garden and have grass planted in/ on them like Chi-Pets.  Normally 3D is not my style, I am a mixed media collage artist and a painter ( all my art typically tends to be 2D and able to hang on the wall.   Although I do enjoy clay I typically go the route of wheel-throwing and making functional things such as over-sized coffee mugs, colorful plates and bowls (I do have a few things on etsy:

So me going to a sculpture workshop was a little outside my normal comfort zone but I thought it would be fun to expand a little and experiment.  The workshop took place Sat night Dec 3rd.  Myself and a few of my friends created pieces together at the workshop, enjoyed ourselves and hoped for the best that none of our pieces would explode or lose limbs in the process of being fired in the kiln.  I made 2 sculptures, one was a Victorian bird skull lady and the other a breast.

B-More clayworks fired the pieces and presented them at the Grass Tasting Party hosted by the Contemporary Museum a week later Sat Dec 10th at Area 405.  I was curious to find out how my pieces turned out and wanted to see all of the sculptures that were created during the workshop.  We had gone to the first session of two, I was told that over 70 sculptures were made! I wanted to see how they looked.

Sod Bar Menu

“Grass tasting” was an interesting concept and I was curious about that too, though unsure if I would actually be eating any grass while I was there (turns out I didn’t).  I was pleasantly surprised to be able to visit an art space I had not yet discovered or even knew existed and was right up the street from me! I literally walk only about 5 mins to get there.

AREA 405 was where the Grass Tasting party was held.  I was impressed with the installation art set up in the first room, but I was later told that the exhibition was still “in progress” and being set up by MICA students, the

Art Installation "In Progress" MICA

opening for that would officially be next Friday.  ( Noted and marked on my calendar mentally).  I loved how everything was set up for the Grass tasting, they had lawns and tuffs of grass everywhere throughout the gallery space, a “bar” with grass being paired with variety of mixed drinks, my favorite part was the photo op- set up with props such as lawn chair, garden hose and coolers! (Photo op station was by Gary Kachadourian)

They also had another clay / sculpture making station for those that maybe missed out on the workshop to create more clay masterpieces and LIVE sculptures.   This was fun and regressive for many (making phallic things- goes hand in hand with clay).

There was a poetry reading by the very talented Stephanie Barber, complete with a slide show of Lawn Poems.  I enjoyed her reading and the images as they were very thought provoking and clever.  She used a lot of humor in her poetry.

Very fun, clever themed party and event , well designed and thought out.  Great time had by all! Thank you Baltimore Clayworks for the adventure and fun of being able to be a part of this! AND to Contemporary Museum for such a creative and unique experience of a Grass Tasting Party! I will definitely be back for more events, looking forward to the new location and the many future fun-filled events that they have planned. Also plan to come to more events at Area 405, a very cool space indeed!

“Fields of Vision” a contemporary photography exhibit

“Fields of Vision” a contemporary photography exhibit put on by Urbanite@ Case[werks] Gallery 1501 Saint Paul Street, Suite 116 Baltimore, MD 21202 . This gallery is a hidden gem- tucked away and not visible from the street.  The windows glowed with the art and warm people inside.

This “Fields of Vision” exhibit is a unique collection of works with artists across the country (different states) in addition to some Baltimore’s  artist who are members of the collective that call themselves:  (In parenthesis) – made up of J.M. Giordano (Modern Portraiture), Jill Fannon (performance in photography), Marian Glebes (landscapes), Sean Schiedt (alternative processing), Josh Sisk (photojournalism) and Dean Alexander (contemporary fashion).

Artists in the show included:

Milana Braslavsky
Mark Alice Durant
Aiden Simon
Laurie Snyder
John Wood
Regina DeLuise
Julie Denesha
Monica Lopassay
Rita Minissi
Matt Roth
Edward J. Winter
James Luckett

I was impressed with the variety of images, techniques used and styles portrayed.  There was everything from landscapes to edgy portraits (my favorite was J.M.’s bound couple).  I was also taken captive by the portraits done on metal,  the colors and images seemed to move and take on a life as you walked by them.  Amazing work. I also really enjoyed the books on display, they had several photo book in the displays.  And also on the top of my favorites list was the flower/plant prints ( I forget the technique- the technical term for those types of prints) seen right.

The reception was packed with chatting people enjoying wine, beer and  coffee, as well as Joe Squared pizza and other delicious finger foods.  I was very pleased with the exhibit and it’s statement of modern contemporary photography.  Since I am a mixed media collage artist ( see my work at ) and not a photographer it was nice to get some exposure to whats new and upcoming in the photo world.  A Job well done by  (In parenthesis) collectiveI will look forward to seeing future shows put on by this group! And now that I know of and whereabouts of Case[werks] I will also be keeping an eye out for upcoming event housed in their unique space (great high ceilings and big windows).  Great stuff. BRAVO!




Art Opening at Joe Squared Dec 1st: feeling the Baltimore love!

Solo exhibit of Kat Johnston is being held at Joe Squared (a fabulous bar/pizza restaurant in Baltimore) at their new location -Power Plant LIVE! The exhibit will be up till mid-Dec.  Last night’s opening was a really amazing good time! I was able to

Art exhibit at Joe Squared

meet some new people and enjoy spending time with a few of my NEW friends – I feel so thankful to be here in this Charmed City! I truly felt the Baltimore love last night! Everyone is so friendly and genuinely open and interested. I really enjoyed all the conversations I had with the attendees.  It was again just a wonderful art opening and social gathering! This was my third art exhibit since moving here to Baltimore (in Sept).  My first was at The Daily Grind cafe in Fells Point, second was Cafe Latte’Da also a coffee shop /cafe in Fells Point, and Joe Squared marks my third exhibit in Baltimore.  ALL 3 shows have been unique experiences, different but in good ways from each other.  Each one had its own distinct atmosphere and flare! I love here in Baltimore!!!

Artist Kat Johnston (Right) and Stephanie (one of my biggest fans!)

One of my friends commented on how prolific I have been , she remarked, ” everyday it seems like you are cranking out new artwork”, and she’s right! I mean not exactly everyday do I make artwork but it is very frequent that I get busy with the creative process, losing myself in the images and paint!  There is nothing more satisfying to me then to be making art, it truly is the thing I was born to do! Being an artist and creating art is my ultimate highest joy!  But my productivity hasn’t always been at the level it is now.  I shared with my friend, that it has only been since moving to Baltimore that my productivity and proliferation has been at an all time high! I really do think it is me being in the right place (Baltimore) and the energy that I feel

Artist Kat Johnston with one of the sold pieces "Ruby Shoes"

here!  Since moving into our new apartment in Mt.Vernon, I have created more NEW artwork then the total amount of work I created in a whole year (last year) living in Philadelphia.  So, needless to say I am very happy, very thankful that fate and a little bit of determination has landed us here in this charming magical city of Baltimore!

Several of my mixed media collages sold at this opening,  I am always so excited when my piece find new homes and take on

the next phase of their journey.  One such buyer is a gentleman who actually has been collecting art for over 30 yrs.  He shared with me a little about his collection, that he enjoys works on paper and has an “exhibit” up in his apartment of women artist’s self- portraits.  He decided to take two of my pieces to add to his collection although they are not works on paper.  I describe to him my process and the way I combine collage images , sometimes fragments of images, with painting, such as in “Killer of Innocence” – the tree (I pointed out) is half and half collage/ painted- unless you look closely you can’t tell where the collage part ends and the painting begins.  He must of liked that technique or the effects that it had as a whole, because he decided to purchase that piece.

Overall I had a great time and I feel such a warm welcome here in Baltimore. Thank you to all who attended this opening and I look forward to many more future positive experiences!! Thank you Baltimore, I really felt your love!

Diving deep : how art taps into the unconscious

As some of you who may know of Artist Kat Johnston, her background is in Art Therapy.   To learn more about this check out website:

I have my masters from Drexel and have been practicing as a certified registered ATR (Art Therapist) for over a few years now. My interest has always been in the way in which art since it is the language of the soul, a universal language, can tap into the deep unconscious material. I have also always been intrigued with C.G.Jung’s work on the collective unconscious. Archetypes and just in general our innate, inborn universal ideas that there is no explaining how infants know/ understand things that they were never told to.  They exist pre- language.

Recently I was involved with an online class called Contemplative Collage, this course evoked in me some deep seeded themes and issues I thought were already “laid to rest”.  In the first collage (which was a homework assignment) I made -involved turtles and women who were “stuck” and very much repressed emotionally.  I think turtles have a lot of symbolism to them. I decided to look up what they meant. Much like with the rabbits as power animals having a message for me, I wanted to see what turtles might have to say that could be helpful during this particular stage of my life.

Turtle as power animal -this is what I found,  “People often say they have no time to do what they want. All we possess in the world is time! If we didn’t have time, we would be dead. Turtle also represents security, solid grounding, and support. Slow, steady, strong, wise with age, protective, and unshakeable, Turtle appears the very model of settled, universal order.
Turtle carries his house on his back, and when feeling threatened can hide to protect himself – this shows us about protecting ourselves. Just like the turtle, there are times when we need to put a protective shield around us to ward off negative emotions and forces such as anger, jealousy and thoughtless actions of others. We need to learn to protect ourselves – in a non violent way – not only when we feel threatened by the outside world, but also in order to contemplate, to decide what our next move will be. On the flip side, this is also a reminder of the importance of going within.” (

"The Dive"

In response to this collage I decided to do a second, this one literally had a person diving.  Which instantly reminded me of diving into the unconscious.  How weather we like it or not, art/ imagery reveals what’s beneath the surface.  That is why art is so moving because it connects our individual experiences weather they are positive or negative to the universal human experience.  We feel moved by art when we feel that we can relate to what the artist is portraying.  We have that “me too” sort of feeling. In this collage “The Dive” there is a lot more movement and action happening then the previous one of the women in bed (shown above). The diagram of the water /land is showing the cycle of water and minerals as they are evaporated into the air from the water and then reenter the earth. To me this is showing the constant motion and flux of life and the important message of non-attachment and impermanence.  There is also a lot more color in this collage.  In Art Therapy color often symbolizes feeling, so lack of color is indicator of denial or repression.  As human beings we are blessed or cursed with the ability of self-reflection and being self-aware.

I say it is a blessing and a curse because sometimes I think all of our reflection and intellectualizing what this means or how it fits together with these other events that happened in our lives, can sometimes be distracting and unnecessary.  Living too much in the past is a hindrance on being able to move forward and be fully invested in the present moment.  The present moment is all we have, it creates what we experience as our day to day life which adds up to be our future.  Ironically as I was making the first collage which is very much rooted in the past and has a lot of “stuck” energy, the song that was playing on the radio was one that had to do with “seizing the day” and letting go of outcome, “K-Ciera Ciera whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see..”  This is something I need to be reminded of because I often get caught up in trying to plan or control outcome of my future and miss out on the juicy moments of RIGHT now!

Lastly I wanted to share the most recent mixed media collage I have been working on, which I am not quite sure is finished yet,but its almost there. This one is completely underwater  and very large (40″ by 40″) and I love that it is so BIG because it really draws you in and makes you feel as if you are on a dive.  Fish swimming around you and fully and completely emerged and aware of the present moment.  When someone is scuba diving they are fully in the moment, they arent thinking about the past or what they have to do later that week.  They are in awe of the beauty and underwater world that they are suddenly a part of.  It is breathless and engaging and that is my goal for everyday – to be fully emerged in my present moment, to follow my bliss and get the most out of each day.

Solo exhibit of my mixed media collages & paintings- Art Opening this Friday!

A solo exhibit of Original artwork by Kat Johnston, a collection of work ranging from paintings (oldies but goodies) to my

Work of Kat Johnston

most recent collage/mixed media works (completed in the last month or so).  If you would like to see more of my work and follow my upcoming exhibits, add my Artist page on facebook:

This exhibit is being held at a family owned/family oriented cafe called Cafe Latte’Da in Fells Point.  It is located near the corner of Broadway and Alicaanna St. Address is 1704 Aliceanna Street,  Baltimore, MD 21231.

Cafe Latte'Da Front door

Cafe Latte’Da was one of the first places I discovered prior to moving to Baltimore, as we were exploring the different areas and deciding if we were in fact going to relocate from Philadelphia to here.  I must say it left a lasting impression, of warmth and fun

Work of Kat Johnston

atmosphere- I bookmarked mentally as a”must” return and chill here sorta place!  I had the pleasure recently of meeting the owner and baker/ caterer, Jessica- who is also a full time Mom of 2 little ones.  She was kind and friendly, she makes all her customers feel like her family. I was so impressed with how everyone who walked through those doors was on first name basis!   I am honored to be

showing my work here for Nov and into Dec.  It is exciting to be part of such a community based, family orientated establishment as Cafe Latte’Da!

work of Kat Johnston

Please join us on Friday Nov 18th for a celebration of Fine artwork and Fine folks, with wine and snacks provided. Starts at 7pm until around 9pm.  Feel free to bring children too, there will be nothing “stuffy” about this art opening!

To RSVP via facebook:

I hope to see you there! and feel free to bring guests- spread the word! The more the Merrier! Ta Ta Till then!

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