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Sketch # 2 & 3

Day 2 of my new venture of 50 days of sketching. I guess I am sticking with this theme (for now, not sure where my drawing will take as the 50 days unfold but…)the theme of balance, women balancing themselves, in harmony with themselves, mirroring and finding alignment with another. I think both figures are the same person, thats the feel I get, finding that balance within, with yourself, knowing exactly what you want and who you are and loving and accepting yourself. These are all things I am seeing and feeling here. DSCF0960

Below is Day 3 of my 50 days of sketching! I really like the way this one came out, I like the flow and the tension it has, like the women could slip or tip at any moment. So this drawing also is about “Balance”  ,as a mother I am always challenged by my day to day duties and responsibilities. Trying to juggle the care taking of my two little ones , house cleaning, and other domestic duties with the self care I need to do (like exercising, finding time to meditate or read) seems almost near darn impossible at times. Not to mention finding the time to create art which is so important, if I don;t make art I feel thirsty for it. for me it is a necessity!



100 under $100 at 3040 Indie Gallery

2012-11-16 11.31.10


2012-11-17 19.18.28





November 17th: My first show back after having a

baby (just 2 months prior) was held at a very 2012-11-17 19.17.33cool art space, 3040 Indie, for the 2nd annual 100 under $100 show.  A group of artists each had a section of wall that they could fill with their work, only requirement being it had to be priced under $100.

I was excited to display my most recent work which     starred my precious baby girl.  I was also thrilled to have her there with me.  She totally 2012-11-17 18.25.37stole the spotlight but I didn’t mind one bit.  I am definitely one proud momma and was happy to show her off.  We had coordinating outfits, black and white stripes in her shirt matched my black and white striped stockings.

I enjoyed mingling and chatting with the other artists in the show.  Someone liken this show to a house party with art.  It was cozy and intimate as people walked through and

2012-11-17 18.45.21

soaked up all the art that filled the place.  I enjoyed being part of this experience, it was only up for one night unfortunately and I know many missed it but there is always next year! 2012-11-17 19.31.09

Baby making & bunny themed art show opening

In honor of the fact the my first child is soon to be born, (due date just a few weeks away!) I decided for the Sept exhibit at Blue Wren studio, that I would devote the

Prolificacy art exhibit

entire theme to baby making and bunnies.  We titled the exhibit “Prolificacy” playing on the idea of bunnies being prolific and procreating often!  The opening was First Friday Sept 7th, and we had a great turn out! Held at Murphy Arts Center building in Fountain Square area-  1043 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203. If you haven’t been to a First Friday at Murphy Arts center yet, make it down there next time because there are always tons of great art exhibits, music and events!

We decided for fun to raffle off an original Kat Johnston mixed media collage, tickets were only $1, and the raffle was a fun, exciting way for First Friday comers to get involved! People really like the idea of winning artwork at the end of the night! The piece we raffled off was called “Gracefulness” (shown right), mixed media collage measuring 6″ by 6″.

I met a lot of really awesome people, my artwork was


received well. Sold a couple small pieces before the evening was over and


several people expressed interest in purchasing work from me through my website or at a later time.  I also received interest not only in my art but in my practice as an energy healer, Reiki practitioner.   I am looking forward to connecting with people and seeing where things go.  This was my 2nd Indy art exhibit, but I hope to do many more. Especially since I have only just moved here from Philly about 7 months ago, there are still so many connections to make and people to meeting Indy’s art community.  I feel very grateful for Blue Wren’s support in having me display my work and for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

Here are some photos from the opening,

if you want to see more – come see my facebook page : 

Also if you are interested in learning more about me and seeing more of my artwork, please visit my main website  All of the work that is currently on display at Blue Wren is up for sale  & on my website you can purchase art using paypal.  I regularly update my site with new artwork, as well as upcoming shows and events!

First Indianapolis Art exhibit; Joyfully enjoyed!

This past First Friday, July 6th, marked my very first art opening since moving to Indianapolis about 6 months ago.

We spontaneously moved, sadly leaving Baltimore and my very many new friends behind, to start a new chapter in our lives.  After finding out we were going to have our first child, we decided we wanted to be closer to some family.  We packed up our Volvo wagon and arrived 12 hours later.  6 months later now I am finally getting back into the swing of my career as an artist.


Joyful Noise Recordings hosted this solo exhibit of my mixed media collage work.  Some new work, including one that has photo transfers of my ultrasound that I had done a few months back “Birds & the Bees”, was on display for the first time.  The opening was popping! Many people stopped in and I received positive feedback on my work. 

I am absolutely loving the Murphy Arts Center located in the very hip Fountain Square area of Indianapolis.  1043 Virginia Ave.  There were lots of art openings, music and audio-visual art events all happening right in the same building, a collection of art studios & galleries.  I hope to be able to do more shows there! Lots of great energy and people! To see some pics from the opening :


Fun-a-day exhibit up in FULL swing!

Baltimore first annual Fun-a-day exhibit is now on display at Brick Haus Art space located at 2602 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore MD.  Over 40 artists created one piece of art or creative work each day for the entire month of Janurary. 

If you missed the opening that was held last Sat Feb 25th, don’t worry because another celebration for the closing is being planned! Its gonna be even bigger and better then the opening!The Closing Reception is going to be on March, 22, 6-11pm. For more info and updates check out the facebook event page:!/events/314873355200904/

The project I did for the Fun-a-day show was a series of bunny-themed collages.  This project was inspired by the rabbit as a power animal spirit guide into the shadow world. Rabbits symbolize many things but as a spirit guide the rabbit teaches us to face our fears and stop repeating the same patterns.  Each day for the entire month of Jan 2012 one mixed media collage was created.  Each day the rabbit multiples, subtlety taking more and more  space and invading the environments of each scene. The artwork can be viewed and purchased at my website:  Also pictures of the bunny collages can be seen at Artist: KatJohnston facebook fan page.  If you plan to attend the closing and want to pick up artwork in person rather then having it shipped to you, then paypal via email request is better then using the paypal option on the website since the website automatically adds shipping to the cost.  Each bunny collage is $30.  If you have any questions please email me at

Upcoming event: Art Opening this Thursday Jan 5th

Solo exhibit of all my most recent mixed media collages. Some of the work is brand NEW, first time ever to be seen in public!

 Contemporary, emotive art that explores nature & the complex universal human experience. To see more of my work, visit:
WHEN: Thursday Jan 5th from 7pm till 9pm

WHERE:  Dougherty’s Pub  in Mt.Vernon, Baltimore- located at 223 W. Chase st.  (Right next store to Utrect Art supplies store,  across street from RiteAid.

For more info:

Art Opening at Joe Squared Dec 1st: feeling the Baltimore love!

Solo exhibit of Kat Johnston is being held at Joe Squared (a fabulous bar/pizza restaurant in Baltimore) at their new location -Power Plant LIVE! The exhibit will be up till mid-Dec.  Last night’s opening was a really amazing good time! I was able to

Art exhibit at Joe Squared

meet some new people and enjoy spending time with a few of my NEW friends – I feel so thankful to be here in this Charmed City! I truly felt the Baltimore love last night! Everyone is so friendly and genuinely open and interested. I really enjoyed all the conversations I had with the attendees.  It was again just a wonderful art opening and social gathering! This was my third art exhibit since moving here to Baltimore (in Sept).  My first was at The Daily Grind cafe in Fells Point, second was Cafe Latte’Da also a coffee shop /cafe in Fells Point, and Joe Squared marks my third exhibit in Baltimore.  ALL 3 shows have been unique experiences, different but in good ways from each other.  Each one had its own distinct atmosphere and flare! I love here in Baltimore!!!

Artist Kat Johnston (Right) and Stephanie (one of my biggest fans!)

One of my friends commented on how prolific I have been , she remarked, ” everyday it seems like you are cranking out new artwork”, and she’s right! I mean not exactly everyday do I make artwork but it is very frequent that I get busy with the creative process, losing myself in the images and paint!  There is nothing more satisfying to me then to be making art, it truly is the thing I was born to do! Being an artist and creating art is my ultimate highest joy!  But my productivity hasn’t always been at the level it is now.  I shared with my friend, that it has only been since moving to Baltimore that my productivity and proliferation has been at an all time high! I really do think it is me being in the right place (Baltimore) and the energy that I feel

Artist Kat Johnston with one of the sold pieces "Ruby Shoes"

here!  Since moving into our new apartment in Mt.Vernon, I have created more NEW artwork then the total amount of work I created in a whole year (last year) living in Philadelphia.  So, needless to say I am very happy, very thankful that fate and a little bit of determination has landed us here in this charming magical city of Baltimore!

Several of my mixed media collages sold at this opening,  I am always so excited when my piece find new homes and take on

the next phase of their journey.  One such buyer is a gentleman who actually has been collecting art for over 30 yrs.  He shared with me a little about his collection, that he enjoys works on paper and has an “exhibit” up in his apartment of women artist’s self- portraits.  He decided to take two of my pieces to add to his collection although they are not works on paper.  I describe to him my process and the way I combine collage images , sometimes fragments of images, with painting, such as in “Killer of Innocence” – the tree (I pointed out) is half and half collage/ painted- unless you look closely you can’t tell where the collage part ends and the painting begins.  He must of liked that technique or the effects that it had as a whole, because he decided to purchase that piece.

Overall I had a great time and I feel such a warm welcome here in Baltimore. Thank you to all who attended this opening and I look forward to many more future positive experiences!! Thank you Baltimore, I really felt your love!

Friday’s Opening in Fells Point at Cafe Latte’Da

This past Friday Nov 18th, was the opening of the exhibit at Cafe Latte’Da. I wanted to share some of the photos and experiences of the evening.  Since the owner of the cafe, Jessica, was unable to attend, she suggested we do it ANOTHER opening! Have another event to celebrate the show! That will be scheduled for sometime mid- Dec – Details TBA

There were people who came to the show from the neighborhood, who were regulars to Cafe Latte’Da, others who attended said that they saw my ad on craigslist and wanted to see my work in person.  Also several of my friends attended as well as a few new people who I had only interacted with online (via twitter) and finally had the pleasure of meeting in person for the first time.  I sold artwork, which always is an exciting event.  I love finding new homes for my work.  It feels almost what I imagine an adoption might feel like!  I get excited about the idea of the work taking on a new journey, being on display and for a whole new audience to enjoy, expanded circle of people to see!

Artist Kat Johnston

"In Search"

“In Search” spoke to one woman – she asked me what it meant and after I told her , she nodded and said she could most definitely relate and it made sense to her then why she was so drawn in by the piece.  I was able to share with multiple people what my work means to me and the symbolism it has.

Another of the pieces I was asked about was “Onward”,  this gentleman was curious, drawn in but wasn’t sure what it meant – “what’s with all the rabbits?”  So I shared with him (and the other 4 or 5 people gathered around) that it


was inspired by a real life experience I had over the summer during a time frame when I was seeing rabbits everywhere, and not just one here and there, but multiple rabbits more then once a day for weeks at a time. They were everywhere I went! I shared that I personally believe in power animals as spiritual guides and when I realized I was seeing lots of bunnies everywhere I decided to look up what they symbolized- what were they trying to tell me?  I shared what the message was and how it related to the painting, about facing your shadow side, your fears and not running away and continuing to repeat same mistakes /patterns.  In the painting , “Onward” the bunnies are gathered around, waiting but not waiting or progressing in the line to get to their destination – instead they were waiting , in fear. “Onward” is about ceasing the day, taking action and getting the most out of life.  A message I needed to hear and that’s what the rabbits were trying to tell me, I listened and then made this painting as a reminder of the message.

To see more of Kat’s artwork, online at

Also follow on facebook at

Solo exhibit of my mixed media collages & paintings- Art Opening this Friday!

A solo exhibit of Original artwork by Kat Johnston, a collection of work ranging from paintings (oldies but goodies) to my

Work of Kat Johnston

most recent collage/mixed media works (completed in the last month or so).  If you would like to see more of my work and follow my upcoming exhibits, add my Artist page on facebook:

This exhibit is being held at a family owned/family oriented cafe called Cafe Latte’Da in Fells Point.  It is located near the corner of Broadway and Alicaanna St. Address is 1704 Aliceanna Street,  Baltimore, MD 21231.

Cafe Latte'Da Front door

Cafe Latte’Da was one of the first places I discovered prior to moving to Baltimore, as we were exploring the different areas and deciding if we were in fact going to relocate from Philadelphia to here.  I must say it left a lasting impression, of warmth and fun

Work of Kat Johnston

atmosphere- I bookmarked mentally as a”must” return and chill here sorta place!  I had the pleasure recently of meeting the owner and baker/ caterer, Jessica- who is also a full time Mom of 2 little ones.  She was kind and friendly, she makes all her customers feel like her family. I was so impressed with how everyone who walked through those doors was on first name basis!   I am honored to be

showing my work here for Nov and into Dec.  It is exciting to be part of such a community based, family orientated establishment as Cafe Latte’Da!

work of Kat Johnston

Please join us on Friday Nov 18th for a celebration of Fine artwork and Fine folks, with wine and snacks provided. Starts at 7pm until around 9pm.  Feel free to bring children too, there will be nothing “stuffy” about this art opening!

To RSVP via facebook:

I hope to see you there! and feel free to bring guests- spread the word! The more the Merrier! Ta Ta Till then!

Some small work but BIG ideas

Recently I , Kat Johnston, mixed media collage artist living and working in Baltimore,   have been working more on a small scale.  Typically my paintings and mixed media work ranges between 40″ by 40″ (being the largest I have ever worked- excluding wall paintings and murals) Originally it was spurred on by two juried shows I was making work for  one in Annapolis for Maryland Federation of Art (MFA) and the other show in

"Genetic Expression" 6" by 6"

Philadelphia at Off the Wall gallery , both were small work themed.  I completed and submitted first small work “Degeneration”measuring 8″ by 10″ which was accepted into the MFA exhibit that is opening in first week of Dec.  Then I worked on even smaller pieces for the Philadelphia juried show at Off the Wall that maximum

"Logic & Theorems" 6" by 6"

inches were set at 6″.  So scaled down just a bit more.  I completed and submitted 4 pieces (Genetic Expression, Logic & Theorems, Lasting Impressions and Uprooted)  for the exhibit “Intimate Worlds” at Off the Wall gallery which also opens in Dec.  These new works explore  the universal human connection by looking at the physical form, our bodies and DNA.  That despite all us humans coming from the same origin and beginnings, how drastically separate and isolated we feel.


"Lasting Impressions" 6" by 6"

Another theme explored in this

work is that we put on a persona to play a role in the world but behind all the “dressing up”, lights and cameras we are just flesh, blood and raw emotions.  This was shown in the use of the paperdoll images, with blank empty

"Uprooted" 4" by 6"


I found I really enjoyed working small, challenging to see how much I could have going on and the stories I could tell.  Even after completing the work I intended to submit to these two art exhibits, I find I am still preferring this smaller scale way of working, there is something very intimate and detailed orientated about it.  Every little mark carries such heavy weight and significance because of how small the space is that you are working with.  I decided to making even smaller and smaller pieces, not for any

"Run away" - from MINI art series

show, just for the fun and challenge of it.  I made several mixed media collages mounted on

Series of even smaller work, I call "MINI Art"

book board measuring as small as 2   1/2″ by 2   1/2″. I found these to be very fun and I currently have them hanging up around my Art studio space.


To see more of my mixed media collage work and to find out where and when my upcoming exhibits are happening, visit my website at
Also I can be found on

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