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Online Art Auction : Fundraiser! Starts tomorrow!

Life is exciting and also frightening at times.  My life has been quite the adventure in the last year, I have moved three times, once from Philly to Baltimore, then Baltimore we were evicted and needed somewhere to go, so we came to Indianapolis to stay with family, who then put us out on the street, so we were homeless (and pregnant) floating around for a few months, until we finally moved in to our current apt in Carmel, IN, a nice safe town to have our baby and hopefully a more stable life.

Our first child is expected to arrive any day now, her due date is Sept 20th, only few weeks away and we still are not where we need to be financially.  We don’t have the funds we need to buy some of the most basic things to prepare for her arrival, such as crib, car seat, etc.  Since we moved out to the Midwest away from everyone we know (except for my hubby’s awful family) we don’t really know anyone to have a baby shower with.

SO…. I had this idea!  That I would do “Lil Wynter Fundraiser” an online art auction

Basically I am auctioning off some of my artwork online (facebook event page- link below), I have posted images of the art with details about size and medium.

Under each picture one can leave comment- in comment section is where you place your bid.  The auction officially starts tomorrow (Monday) but some people have already been laying their claim on the ones they want.  It will run for 3 days, ending at 5pm on Wed.  Whoever has the highest bid- WINS!! Payments will be taken via paypal, (Just like Ebay) and I will mail you your new artwork!

If you don’t want to bid on artwork, but would still like to help… we are also accepting donations, of any amount.  I greatly appreciate your support, maybe I’ll see you at the auction!


An afternoon with Ruth Pettus at the Shoe Cafe

Baltimore artist, Ruth Pettus, had an open studio Sunday afternoon (Dec 11th) that I had the pleasure of attending.  She had

Drawings on canvas from Spain & Paris

displayed works on canvas, on paper and of course my favorite part was her shoes!Her paintings she explained were all water based and she enjoyed using organic material such as coffee grounds.  Her work was abstract and minimal but the landscapes, trees, horizons could be seen.  She had raw canvas drawings/ mixed media on the walls, as well as table with piles and trays of works on paper, ink, paint, drawings. More of her work can be seen on her website :

The feel and energy of  the places she had traveled and the many adventures she had been on were definitely portrayed in her work.  I found her use of media and material inspiring. Her mixed media on the raw canvas reminded me of some of my mixed media paintings on fabric, where the texture and colors of the fabric show through.  (“Giddy Up” is a good example) To see the mixed media work I do, visit my website:

Artist: Ruth Pettus (center) with her fans

The shoe cafe located in the basement was magical and intriguing.  Old shoes filled with soil, wax, fur, and other materials.  Men’s shoes, children’s shoes, women’s shoes of all shapes and sizes.  Shelf after shelf I was drawn into what the shoes and their what each one’s story

Baby doll girl's shoe (one of my favs)

was, the journey it had taken, the places it had seen.

They took on a life of their own, bold, worn and beautiful!



Ruth gave me a print out from her exhibit at the Creative Alliance entitled “City Square”.

It is interesting because I have always been a big fan of Giacometti’s work. His depth and human connection that his sculptures tap into.  Suffering and isolation that we humans often experience, we believe we are alone in our pain, but art allows us to communicate our deepest and sometimes darkest parts of ourselves so that we don’t feel so alone or isolated.  We see it is the human universal experience.

Ruth’s open studio was the highlight of my week, refreshing and inspirational! Thanks Ruth for sharing your Shoe Cafe and the other many works on canvas and paper with me! I look forward to seeing more work in future exhibits!

Sculpture Garden workshop & Grass tasting party -oh fun!

I , Kat Johnston, had the pleasure of participating in two very fun, very creative events! First was the Sculpture Garden workshop held at the Baltimore Clayworks, FREE workshop all materials provided, artists were invited to come make LIVE

Sculpture Garden Workshop

sculptures, meaning after being fired these sculptures would live outside in ones garden and have grass planted in/ on them like Chi-Pets.  Normally 3D is not my style, I am a mixed media collage artist and a painter ( all my art typically tends to be 2D and able to hang on the wall.   Although I do enjoy clay I typically go the route of wheel-throwing and making functional things such as over-sized coffee mugs, colorful plates and bowls (I do have a few things on etsy:

So me going to a sculpture workshop was a little outside my normal comfort zone but I thought it would be fun to expand a little and experiment.  The workshop took place Sat night Dec 3rd.  Myself and a few of my friends created pieces together at the workshop, enjoyed ourselves and hoped for the best that none of our pieces would explode or lose limbs in the process of being fired in the kiln.  I made 2 sculptures, one was a Victorian bird skull lady and the other a breast.

B-More clayworks fired the pieces and presented them at the Grass Tasting Party hosted by the Contemporary Museum a week later Sat Dec 10th at Area 405.  I was curious to find out how my pieces turned out and wanted to see all of the sculptures that were created during the workshop.  We had gone to the first session of two, I was told that over 70 sculptures were made! I wanted to see how they looked.

Sod Bar Menu

“Grass tasting” was an interesting concept and I was curious about that too, though unsure if I would actually be eating any grass while I was there (turns out I didn’t).  I was pleasantly surprised to be able to visit an art space I had not yet discovered or even knew existed and was right up the street from me! I literally walk only about 5 mins to get there.

AREA 405 was where the Grass Tasting party was held.  I was impressed with the installation art set up in the first room, but I was later told that the exhibition was still “in progress” and being set up by MICA students, the

Art Installation "In Progress" MICA

opening for that would officially be next Friday.  ( Noted and marked on my calendar mentally).  I loved how everything was set up for the Grass tasting, they had lawns and tuffs of grass everywhere throughout the gallery space, a “bar” with grass being paired with variety of mixed drinks, my favorite part was the photo op- set up with props such as lawn chair, garden hose and coolers! (Photo op station was by Gary Kachadourian)

They also had another clay / sculpture making station for those that maybe missed out on the workshop to create more clay masterpieces and LIVE sculptures.   This was fun and regressive for many (making phallic things- goes hand in hand with clay).

There was a poetry reading by the very talented Stephanie Barber, complete with a slide show of Lawn Poems.  I enjoyed her reading and the images as they were very thought provoking and clever.  She used a lot of humor in her poetry.

Very fun, clever themed party and event , well designed and thought out.  Great time had by all! Thank you Baltimore Clayworks for the adventure and fun of being able to be a part of this! AND to Contemporary Museum for such a creative and unique experience of a Grass Tasting Party! I will definitely be back for more events, looking forward to the new location and the many future fun-filled events that they have planned. Also plan to come to more events at Area 405, a very cool space indeed!

Group exhibit “Intimate Worlds” small works Art Opening in Philly

Off the Wall gallery in Philadelphia, PA hosted its 7th annual juried group show.  The theme of this exhibit was of small works called “Intimate Worlds” – 2D nothing over 6″ in any direction and for 3D nothing over 10″.  There were 36 artist plus myself,

"Uprooted" 4" by 6"

Kat Johnston.  I submitted 4 pieces and had all 4 accepted into the show.  This was my 4th time showing at Off the Wall. To check out more of my mixed media collage artwork :

Top two and bottom two- Kat Johnston's work

gallery, but my first exhibit with them since moving to Baltimore.  Not being right there in Philly, made things a little more complicated with the process of dropping off the work and all.  I had to ship it in and my pieces ended getting to the gallery late, so my work was not there during  the jury’s process for deciding of the awards.  Therefore I didn’t get any of them. I was slightly disappointed to say the least but I learned I will never EVER use USPS for something important as artwork delivery.

Then there was the traveling for the Art opening, taking greyhound is no big

"Lasting Impressions" 6"by 6"

deal except this time the bus suddenly decided to stop working about half way there,  just “gave out” for no reason on the thruway and the bus driver pulled off to side of road and hauled to a stop.  Luckily he was able to get it restarted and we arrived safely ( a little behind schedule)  but safely.

Finally upon arriving to the opening, the place was already jam pack with people.  I enjoyed seeing the show hung for the first time and taking in all the other work of the 36 other artists.  I took some photos and found a place to sit.  A few friends arrived and the place got even more packed.  By the time the awards were announced it was a full house, standing room only.  Impressive but the shows at Off the Wall usually are.  I enjoyed speaking to people about my work, and

"Genetic Expression" 6" by 6"

listening in as they commented on my pieces (since I was sitting right below them).  It is always interesting to hear what people say when

Kat Johnston with her work

they don’t know that you are the artist.  It was all positive feedback.  Overall a very fun, successful Art Opening.  I enjoyed my time, it went fast- before I knew it – it was time to go!

"Logic & Theorems" 6" by 6"

I had the hurry to the bus station (like Cinderella) before the clock struck 10:15pm in this case, to catch the last bus back to Baltimore.  It was almost 1 am by the time we made it back to Baltimore.  A fast little adventurous whirlwind trip to Philly and then back in the place I now call home.  Glad to be back in the charming Charm city that I am loving more and more each day!

Art Opening at Joe Squared Dec 1st: feeling the Baltimore love!

Solo exhibit of Kat Johnston is being held at Joe Squared (a fabulous bar/pizza restaurant in Baltimore) at their new location -Power Plant LIVE! The exhibit will be up till mid-Dec.  Last night’s opening was a really amazing good time! I was able to

Art exhibit at Joe Squared

meet some new people and enjoy spending time with a few of my NEW friends – I feel so thankful to be here in this Charmed City! I truly felt the Baltimore love last night! Everyone is so friendly and genuinely open and interested. I really enjoyed all the conversations I had with the attendees.  It was again just a wonderful art opening and social gathering! This was my third art exhibit since moving here to Baltimore (in Sept).  My first was at The Daily Grind cafe in Fells Point, second was Cafe Latte’Da also a coffee shop /cafe in Fells Point, and Joe Squared marks my third exhibit in Baltimore.  ALL 3 shows have been unique experiences, different but in good ways from each other.  Each one had its own distinct atmosphere and flare! I love here in Baltimore!!!

Artist Kat Johnston (Right) and Stephanie (one of my biggest fans!)

One of my friends commented on how prolific I have been , she remarked, ” everyday it seems like you are cranking out new artwork”, and she’s right! I mean not exactly everyday do I make artwork but it is very frequent that I get busy with the creative process, losing myself in the images and paint!  There is nothing more satisfying to me then to be making art, it truly is the thing I was born to do! Being an artist and creating art is my ultimate highest joy!  But my productivity hasn’t always been at the level it is now.  I shared with my friend, that it has only been since moving to Baltimore that my productivity and proliferation has been at an all time high! I really do think it is me being in the right place (Baltimore) and the energy that I feel

Artist Kat Johnston with one of the sold pieces "Ruby Shoes"

here!  Since moving into our new apartment in Mt.Vernon, I have created more NEW artwork then the total amount of work I created in a whole year (last year) living in Philadelphia.  So, needless to say I am very happy, very thankful that fate and a little bit of determination has landed us here in this charming magical city of Baltimore!

Several of my mixed media collages sold at this opening,  I am always so excited when my piece find new homes and take on

the next phase of their journey.  One such buyer is a gentleman who actually has been collecting art for over 30 yrs.  He shared with me a little about his collection, that he enjoys works on paper and has an “exhibit” up in his apartment of women artist’s self- portraits.  He decided to take two of my pieces to add to his collection although they are not works on paper.  I describe to him my process and the way I combine collage images , sometimes fragments of images, with painting, such as in “Killer of Innocence” – the tree (I pointed out) is half and half collage/ painted- unless you look closely you can’t tell where the collage part ends and the painting begins.  He must of liked that technique or the effects that it had as a whole, because he decided to purchase that piece.

Overall I had a great time and I feel such a warm welcome here in Baltimore. Thank you to all who attended this opening and I look forward to many more future positive experiences!! Thank you Baltimore, I really felt your love!

Diving deep : how art taps into the unconscious

As some of you who may know of Artist Kat Johnston, her background is in Art Therapy.   To learn more about this check out website:

I have my masters from Drexel and have been practicing as a certified registered ATR (Art Therapist) for over a few years now. My interest has always been in the way in which art since it is the language of the soul, a universal language, can tap into the deep unconscious material. I have also always been intrigued with C.G.Jung’s work on the collective unconscious. Archetypes and just in general our innate, inborn universal ideas that there is no explaining how infants know/ understand things that they were never told to.  They exist pre- language.

Recently I was involved with an online class called Contemplative Collage, this course evoked in me some deep seeded themes and issues I thought were already “laid to rest”.  In the first collage (which was a homework assignment) I made -involved turtles and women who were “stuck” and very much repressed emotionally.  I think turtles have a lot of symbolism to them. I decided to look up what they meant. Much like with the rabbits as power animals having a message for me, I wanted to see what turtles might have to say that could be helpful during this particular stage of my life.

Turtle as power animal -this is what I found,  “People often say they have no time to do what they want. All we possess in the world is time! If we didn’t have time, we would be dead. Turtle also represents security, solid grounding, and support. Slow, steady, strong, wise with age, protective, and unshakeable, Turtle appears the very model of settled, universal order.
Turtle carries his house on his back, and when feeling threatened can hide to protect himself – this shows us about protecting ourselves. Just like the turtle, there are times when we need to put a protective shield around us to ward off negative emotions and forces such as anger, jealousy and thoughtless actions of others. We need to learn to protect ourselves – in a non violent way – not only when we feel threatened by the outside world, but also in order to contemplate, to decide what our next move will be. On the flip side, this is also a reminder of the importance of going within.” (

"The Dive"

In response to this collage I decided to do a second, this one literally had a person diving.  Which instantly reminded me of diving into the unconscious.  How weather we like it or not, art/ imagery reveals what’s beneath the surface.  That is why art is so moving because it connects our individual experiences weather they are positive or negative to the universal human experience.  We feel moved by art when we feel that we can relate to what the artist is portraying.  We have that “me too” sort of feeling. In this collage “The Dive” there is a lot more movement and action happening then the previous one of the women in bed (shown above). The diagram of the water /land is showing the cycle of water and minerals as they are evaporated into the air from the water and then reenter the earth. To me this is showing the constant motion and flux of life and the important message of non-attachment and impermanence.  There is also a lot more color in this collage.  In Art Therapy color often symbolizes feeling, so lack of color is indicator of denial or repression.  As human beings we are blessed or cursed with the ability of self-reflection and being self-aware.

I say it is a blessing and a curse because sometimes I think all of our reflection and intellectualizing what this means or how it fits together with these other events that happened in our lives, can sometimes be distracting and unnecessary.  Living too much in the past is a hindrance on being able to move forward and be fully invested in the present moment.  The present moment is all we have, it creates what we experience as our day to day life which adds up to be our future.  Ironically as I was making the first collage which is very much rooted in the past and has a lot of “stuck” energy, the song that was playing on the radio was one that had to do with “seizing the day” and letting go of outcome, “K-Ciera Ciera whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see..”  This is something I need to be reminded of because I often get caught up in trying to plan or control outcome of my future and miss out on the juicy moments of RIGHT now!

Lastly I wanted to share the most recent mixed media collage I have been working on, which I am not quite sure is finished yet,but its almost there. This one is completely underwater  and very large (40″ by 40″) and I love that it is so BIG because it really draws you in and makes you feel as if you are on a dive.  Fish swimming around you and fully and completely emerged and aware of the present moment.  When someone is scuba diving they are fully in the moment, they arent thinking about the past or what they have to do later that week.  They are in awe of the beauty and underwater world that they are suddenly a part of.  It is breathless and engaging and that is my goal for everyday – to be fully emerged in my present moment, to follow my bliss and get the most out of each day.

Friday’s Opening in Fells Point at Cafe Latte’Da

This past Friday Nov 18th, was the opening of the exhibit at Cafe Latte’Da. I wanted to share some of the photos and experiences of the evening.  Since the owner of the cafe, Jessica, was unable to attend, she suggested we do it ANOTHER opening! Have another event to celebrate the show! That will be scheduled for sometime mid- Dec – Details TBA

There were people who came to the show from the neighborhood, who were regulars to Cafe Latte’Da, others who attended said that they saw my ad on craigslist and wanted to see my work in person.  Also several of my friends attended as well as a few new people who I had only interacted with online (via twitter) and finally had the pleasure of meeting in person for the first time.  I sold artwork, which always is an exciting event.  I love finding new homes for my work.  It feels almost what I imagine an adoption might feel like!  I get excited about the idea of the work taking on a new journey, being on display and for a whole new audience to enjoy, expanded circle of people to see!

Artist Kat Johnston

"In Search"

“In Search” spoke to one woman – she asked me what it meant and after I told her , she nodded and said she could most definitely relate and it made sense to her then why she was so drawn in by the piece.  I was able to share with multiple people what my work means to me and the symbolism it has.

Another of the pieces I was asked about was “Onward”,  this gentleman was curious, drawn in but wasn’t sure what it meant – “what’s with all the rabbits?”  So I shared with him (and the other 4 or 5 people gathered around) that it


was inspired by a real life experience I had over the summer during a time frame when I was seeing rabbits everywhere, and not just one here and there, but multiple rabbits more then once a day for weeks at a time. They were everywhere I went! I shared that I personally believe in power animals as spiritual guides and when I realized I was seeing lots of bunnies everywhere I decided to look up what they symbolized- what were they trying to tell me?  I shared what the message was and how it related to the painting, about facing your shadow side, your fears and not running away and continuing to repeat same mistakes /patterns.  In the painting , “Onward” the bunnies are gathered around, waiting but not waiting or progressing in the line to get to their destination – instead they were waiting , in fear. “Onward” is about ceasing the day, taking action and getting the most out of life.  A message I needed to hear and that’s what the rabbits were trying to tell me, I listened and then made this painting as a reminder of the message.

To see more of Kat’s artwork, online at

Also follow on facebook at

Exploring on foot is always more FUN!

Art by Kat

Kat Johnston, an artist from Philly, recently moved to Baltimore in Sept, although its been a few months I am still very much a newbie here.  Still learning my way around, I often get lost while driving and my poor sense of direction does not help me at all.  So, yesterday I decided to go for a walk, exploring this new city of Baltimore by foot. Exploring on foot is always MORE FUN!!   You end up noticing and experiencing so much more details when you walk verses driving.  I was able to enjoy and take photos of various spots along the way to my destination which was the Inner Harbor Barnes and Noble bookstore.

We live in Mt.Vernon so to get to the Inner Harbor, it was suggested by my guide and companion that I walked up St. Paul.  I always listen to him because he is very wise (part Native American) and he is almost always right about a lot of things (kind of scarey sometimes).  So, walking up St. Paul, the first spot I enjoyed, I had been to once before but it was at night so this time I was able to see it better and take photos of it. I still am not sure what it is called but it’s a little park sandwiched in between streets and buildings, when driving if you blink you’ll miss it.   They have two fountains with really cool twisty stairs.  I absolutely love fountains, that was one of the first things I fell in love with about Philadelphia.  I was so pleasantly surprised to see Baltimore has their fair share as well.

After the little park, next I saw one of my favorite graffiti art or mural building art whatever it is categorized as- also something that Baltimore has a fair share of! I just wish I knew who the artist was.  There are many more I love around the city, this one though is right in the plain view and in a popular part of downtown- near the Inner Harbor.  I love the colors and how playful it is.  Not even sure if the building it is painted on is currently in use.  I’ll use it!!! I’ll take it!!

Finally I reached the Inner Harbor, the light was hitting the water just perfectly so I barely got more then a few feet before having to stop to take pictures.  First thing I had to capture with the camera was the dancing light and reflections on the side of one of the ships parked in the Harbor.  The colors were just to die for! I must have taken 10 pics of the same thing, just crossing my fingers that one or two of them did justice to the beauty I saw before me.  The subtle colors and playful way the light danced was magical!

After the ship I stopped to photograph what appeared to be man-made platforms for the ducks to rest on.  I enjoyed how deep/dark the water looked and then how abruptly the smooth silky water was interrupted with these square course earth-like “islands” or platforms.  The contrast was fabulous, again I hoped my camera would be able to illustrate what I saw in front of me.   I took several shots of this too, experimenting with zooming in /out and including and excluding elements from the shot.  I did study photography in college although it is not my primary medium , I use photography in my inspiration process.  And at times use my own images in my collages, as photo transfers (such as “Into the Light”).  After making it through the Inner Harbor and not taking any more photos, I arrived at my destination- Barnes & Noble.  The thing I love most about this particular Barnes and Noble is that the building it is in was a Factory, and they left a lot of the structure inside in tack- very cool.  Next time I am there I will do a whole photo shoot of the inside.  I enjoyed sitting on the outdoor balcony on the second floor- right next to the starbucks inside.  It was the perfect end to a perfectly wonderful exploration on foot.

Some small work but BIG ideas

Recently I , Kat Johnston, mixed media collage artist living and working in Baltimore,   have been working more on a small scale.  Typically my paintings and mixed media work ranges between 40″ by 40″ (being the largest I have ever worked- excluding wall paintings and murals) Originally it was spurred on by two juried shows I was making work for  one in Annapolis for Maryland Federation of Art (MFA) and the other show in

"Genetic Expression" 6" by 6"

Philadelphia at Off the Wall gallery , both were small work themed.  I completed and submitted first small work “Degeneration”measuring 8″ by 10″ which was accepted into the MFA exhibit that is opening in first week of Dec.  Then I worked on even smaller pieces for the Philadelphia juried show at Off the Wall that maximum

"Logic & Theorems" 6" by 6"

inches were set at 6″.  So scaled down just a bit more.  I completed and submitted 4 pieces (Genetic Expression, Logic & Theorems, Lasting Impressions and Uprooted)  for the exhibit “Intimate Worlds” at Off the Wall gallery which also opens in Dec.  These new works explore  the universal human connection by looking at the physical form, our bodies and DNA.  That despite all us humans coming from the same origin and beginnings, how drastically separate and isolated we feel.


"Lasting Impressions" 6" by 6"

Another theme explored in this

work is that we put on a persona to play a role in the world but behind all the “dressing up”, lights and cameras we are just flesh, blood and raw emotions.  This was shown in the use of the paperdoll images, with blank empty

"Uprooted" 4" by 6"


I found I really enjoyed working small, challenging to see how much I could have going on and the stories I could tell.  Even after completing the work I intended to submit to these two art exhibits, I find I am still preferring this smaller scale way of working, there is something very intimate and detailed orientated about it.  Every little mark carries such heavy weight and significance because of how small the space is that you are working with.  I decided to making even smaller and smaller pieces, not for any

"Run away" - from MINI art series

show, just for the fun and challenge of it.  I made several mixed media collages mounted on

Series of even smaller work, I call "MINI Art"

book board measuring as small as 2   1/2″ by 2   1/2″. I found these to be very fun and I currently have them hanging up around my Art studio space.


To see more of my mixed media collage work and to find out where and when my upcoming exhibits are happening, visit my website at
Also I can be found on

“Intersections & Moments” paintings by Tahira Christian and Heather Day in Fells Point

Art exhibit at PAD in Fells Point

Kat Johnston here- reporting in on my very first First Friday experience in Baltimore.  I spent it in good company at the art opening celebrating the paintings of Heather Day & Tahira Christian on exhibit at PAD gallery in Fells Point.  I was impressed with the warm, welcoming space of this modern furniture store, PAD, and the spread of delicious appetizers and real wine glasses to enjoy the drinks provided.  PAD is located at 1500 Thames Street, in the heart of Fells Point.  Everyone was very friendly, I was greeted at the door and welcomed to partake.  The paintings were primarily abstract, wonderful use of textures and colors.  Set the mood and really drew me in to get a closer look.

Tahira Chrisian (Top), Heather Day (Bottom)

Exhibit called “Intersections & Moments”, these two artists work complimented each other’s style and color pallet.  Their paintings worked very well together. Almost to the point of having a hard time telling who’s was who’s. But not really.:)

Work of Heather Day

Heather Day is in her 4th year at MICA and works at PAD.  She is the matermind behind

organizing and putting on these fabulous art exhibits here. Heather is abstract painter but uses more then just canvas and paint.  One of my favorites I asked her about was made entirely of paper.  She explained that she was making and experimenting with paper for a while,  dipping the paper in variety of solutions,( rust, polyurethane, etc) to make it

firm then forming, shaping and stretching it. Heather discussed that the paper changes in form becoming sculptural in nature

Heather Day & Tahire Christian with their work

as it moves away from the wall/canvas form.  I also enjoyed Heather’s mixed media drawings, where she uses sowing in her pieces and different types of papers. She also had handmade books for sale.  To learn more about Heather Day,  check out her blog at

Tahira Christian's work (also w/ Books & drawing for sale by Heather Day on table)

Tahira was born and raised in New York City and currently also attending MICA, double major in painting and Art History.  I really enjoyed her abstract paintings, her colors and shapes were very provocative,as well as her more representational piece that was a portrait of 2 people (shown left). I loved all of the work at this exhibit!

It was exciting to see such amazing work from both these two upcoming Baltimore artists, who are not EVEN yet finished with their educations, yet already showing so SO much talent!  I am sure without a doubt we can expect great things from Heather Day and Tahira Christian.  I know I am a fan and plan to watch their blogs and websites as they continue to exhibit around Baltimore area.  Please make the trip to PAD Furniture and gallery at 1500 Thames St in Fells Point, to see these fabulous painting for yourself! You will not be disappointed!

If you are curious about the type of art that I do, or would like to learn more about me, Kat Johnston, please check out my website   While you are in Fells Point , up the street at The Daily Grind 1720 Thames St  – on exhibit is my work but only until this upcoming Monday Nov 7th,  So hurry down!

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