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My Artist Spotlight on Ugallery

I recently joined this excellent art community UGallery and they did a write on me, here is what they had to say and it was so well written I just had to share:

New UGallery Artist: Kat Silver


Which Road to Choose

Although Kat Silver’s surrealist, Dali-esque landscapes often feature figures with missing limbs and exposed human hearts, they are not ominous. On the contrary, they project something whimsical and enticing within their dream-like plots.

They expose the inner conflicts in Kat’s life, which are revealed through the imagery of her dreams and the symbolism encountered in her daily life. These conflicts are universal, demonstrating an obsession with time, choice, and fate. Which path should I choose? When should I pause and reconsider my direction?


Be Still My Heart

The figures are headless because they are not mentally present. Dragged down by the mundane aspects of everyday life that distract us, they are missing the magnificent view in front of them. The image of the rabbit has become an important symbol and signature in Kat’s work. For her, the rabbit represents power and taking control of one’s life. The sweet, confident groups of rabbits surround the lost, faceless characters in her paintings. We may not know where we are going, but we have guides along the way if we look for them.


Sketch #5 : “Lost your Head”

Sketch #5 : in this series, staying with the idea of finding balance, my role as a Mommy, a wife, an artist and as “me” alone with my private thoughts – sometimes it feels like I get pulled in so many different directions I don’t have a “me” left at the end of it all. DSCF1028

Sketch #4

This is a yoga move, tree pose I think, one of my many favorites. If I were to title this drawing it would be ” Glass Half Full”


Sketch # 2 & 3

Day 2 of my new venture of 50 days of sketching. I guess I am sticking with this theme (for now, not sure where my drawing will take as the 50 days unfold but…)the theme of balance, women balancing themselves, in harmony with themselves, mirroring and finding alignment with another. I think both figures are the same person, thats the feel I get, finding that balance within, with yourself, knowing exactly what you want and who you are and loving and accepting yourself. These are all things I am seeing and feeling here. DSCF0960

Below is Day 3 of my 50 days of sketching! I really like the way this one came out, I like the flow and the tension it has, like the women could slip or tip at any moment. So this drawing also is about “Balance”  ,as a mother I am always challenged by my day to day duties and responsibilities. Trying to juggle the care taking of my two little ones , house cleaning, and other domestic duties with the self care I need to do (like exercising, finding time to meditate or read) seems almost near darn impossible at times. Not to mention finding the time to create art which is so important, if I don;t make art I feel thirsty for it. for me it is a necessity!


New Artwork : “Ascending Into Consciousness”

Recently I decided to return to painting without the collage elements added. I have always be inspired by and interested in Surrealist art, some of my influences are Dali, Max Ernst, and Giorgio de Chirico. This painitng is the first of what I imagine will be many, I was inspired by one of my collages in the series I did called 100 Days of Bunnies, where each day I did a collage mixed media piece starting with one bunny and each day another bunny was added so by the end of the project I had 100 bunnies!!! It actually ended up taking a lot more then 100 days. I think it was closer to 5- 6 months. It was alot of fun, WHY all those bunnies?? Rabbit has become my power animall, spirit guide so to speak.To read more of

 "Ascending Into Consciousness" Acrylics on wood 8" by 10"

“Ascending Into Consciousness” Acrylics on wood 8″ by 10″

This new artwork explores what might be happening behind the scenes in our subconscious

 mind. How do thoughts andfeeling travel from the depths of the internal world and reach our

 conscious mind, where as we suddenly become aware of them or have an idea or inspiration?

 Are they just random chemical reactions? Neurons firing? is that all it is? I would like

to imagine the thoughts, feelings and ideas are alive, that they have will and have a journey

 to make i order to reach consciousness. The bunnies represent ideas, desires, feeling, memories

and other sorts of things that might arise from the depths of the psyche and make the journey to

consciousness. There is one very tiny one who is almost to the top

(climbing the stairs) to awareness which is represented by the house. All of this is taking place

 inside the “host” or puppet like person you see suspended in front of you. “She” is idle,

bystander, she is unaware of that which is taking place. But what if we could be more aware?

What if we could become more aware of the thoughts, memories, drives that mold and

shape our reality? I worked for about 7 years as an Art Therapist after completing my

Masters at Drexel. In Philly I had the privilege and honor of witnessing up close and very

personal many people’s mental processes and struggles but also their successes!

I have always been so intrigued with how the mind and human psyche functions. C.G. Jung 

is also a huge influence and interest of mind. His ideas and theories about Collective Unconscious

speak to me on so many levels. I feel like I have still so much to learn and explore in this area.

 I am interested to hear what this piece evokes in you? What aresome of your thoughts,

 associations to the images and symbols? I think the coolest thing about art is that it

 can have so many layers of symbolism, can mean so many things and for each person

coming from their unique experience will see it in a way that is meaningful to them.

Please share your thoughts! Thanks for reading mine!

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