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New Artwork : “Ascending Into Consciousness”

Recently I decided to return to painting without the collage elements added. I have always be inspired by and interested in Surrealist art, some of my influences are Dali, Max Ernst, and Giorgio de Chirico. This painitng is the first of what I imagine will be many, I was inspired by one of my collages in the series I did called 100 Days of Bunnies, where each day I did a collage mixed media piece starting with one bunny and each day another bunny was added so by the end of the project I had 100 bunnies!!! It actually ended up taking a lot more then 100 days. I think it was closer to 5- 6 months. It was alot of fun, WHY all those bunnies?? Rabbit has become my power animall, spirit guide so to speak.To read more of

 "Ascending Into Consciousness" Acrylics on wood 8" by 10"

“Ascending Into Consciousness” Acrylics on wood 8″ by 10″

This new artwork explores what might be happening behind the scenes in our subconscious

 mind. How do thoughts andfeeling travel from the depths of the internal world and reach our

 conscious mind, where as we suddenly become aware of them or have an idea or inspiration?

 Are they just random chemical reactions? Neurons firing? is that all it is? I would like

to imagine the thoughts, feelings and ideas are alive, that they have will and have a journey

 to make i order to reach consciousness. The bunnies represent ideas, desires, feeling, memories

and other sorts of things that might arise from the depths of the psyche and make the journey to

consciousness. There is one very tiny one who is almost to the top

(climbing the stairs) to awareness which is represented by the house. All of this is taking place

 inside the “host” or puppet like person you see suspended in front of you. “She” is idle,

bystander, she is unaware of that which is taking place. But what if we could be more aware?

What if we could become more aware of the thoughts, memories, drives that mold and

shape our reality? I worked for about 7 years as an Art Therapist after completing my

Masters at Drexel. In Philly I had the privilege and honor of witnessing up close and very

personal many people’s mental processes and struggles but also their successes!

I have always been so intrigued with how the mind and human psyche functions. C.G. Jung 

is also a huge influence and interest of mind. His ideas and theories about Collective Unconscious

speak to me on so many levels. I feel like I have still so much to learn and explore in this area.

 I am interested to hear what this piece evokes in you? What aresome of your thoughts,

 associations to the images and symbols? I think the coolest thing about art is that it

 can have so many layers of symbolism, can mean so many things and for each person

coming from their unique experience will see it in a way that is meaningful to them.

Please share your thoughts! Thanks for reading mine!

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“Fields of Vision” a contemporary photography exhibit

“Fields of Vision” a contemporary photography exhibit put on by Urbanite@ Case[werks] Gallery 1501 Saint Paul Street, Suite 116 Baltimore, MD 21202 . This gallery is a hidden gem- tucked away and not visible from the street.  The windows glowed with the art and warm people inside.

This “Fields of Vision” exhibit is a unique collection of works with artists across the country (different states) in addition to some Baltimore’s  artist who are members of the collective that call themselves:  (In parenthesis) – made up of J.M. Giordano (Modern Portraiture), Jill Fannon (performance in photography), Marian Glebes (landscapes), Sean Schiedt (alternative processing), Josh Sisk (photojournalism) and Dean Alexander (contemporary fashion).

Artists in the show included:

Milana Braslavsky
Mark Alice Durant
Aiden Simon
Laurie Snyder
John Wood
Regina DeLuise
Julie Denesha
Monica Lopassay
Rita Minissi
Matt Roth
Edward J. Winter
James Luckett

I was impressed with the variety of images, techniques used and styles portrayed.  There was everything from landscapes to edgy portraits (my favorite was J.M.’s bound couple).  I was also taken captive by the portraits done on metal,  the colors and images seemed to move and take on a life as you walked by them.  Amazing work. I also really enjoyed the books on display, they had several photo book in the displays.  And also on the top of my favorites list was the flower/plant prints ( I forget the technique- the technical term for those types of prints) seen right.

The reception was packed with chatting people enjoying wine, beer and  coffee, as well as Joe Squared pizza and other delicious finger foods.  I was very pleased with the exhibit and it’s statement of modern contemporary photography.  Since I am a mixed media collage artist ( see my work at ) and not a photographer it was nice to get some exposure to whats new and upcoming in the photo world.  A Job well done by  (In parenthesis) collectiveI will look forward to seeing future shows put on by this group! And now that I know of and whereabouts of Case[werks] I will also be keeping an eye out for upcoming event housed in their unique space (great high ceilings and big windows).  Great stuff. BRAVO!




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